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My portraits of graphite, ink, charcoal, and color pencil, crystallize ordinary moments into an image, transcending time in such a way that reaches out across the ages. This emotional bond of past, present, and future, between subject, artist, and viewer, has always been a fascination for me.

Capturing the essence of the sitter is of utmost importance to me. The attempt of the artist to faithfully translate a subject's character for posterity is a challenging but exciting task. Whilst I realize that the aesthetic of my work may be described as realism, much like a quilted narrative I have woven in detail after detail, revising some parts and leaving out others, to arrive at this version of reality. In this process of patching and stripping, I seek to maintain a point of focus.

My later pieces include subjects where the eyes are cast down rather than making eye contact. This is to impart a sentiment to the viewer through the hands as the main conduit to express emotion, rather than the face, narrowing the focus. 

The hyper realism in the sometimes extensive detail rendered is a personal need I have to honor the subject matter with a labor of love, to create something special beyond reality, to forget time and to put a bit of my own heart into it.

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